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La Canela, which translates to “Cinnamon”, was opened in winter of 2007 as a sister restaurant to La Flor de la Canela, our popular restaurant in Gaithersburg.

Having owned and operated la Flor de la Canela, which was aimed at a primarily Peruvian audience, for nearly 14 years, we felt it was time for us to open something a little more upscale In order to share our cuisine and culture with a broader audience, hence, the idea for La Canela was born.

During the time we were looking for a space to lease, the Rockville Town Square was opening its first shops. We were offered a spot on Gibbs Street, which at the time looked like a little more than a block of cement. Our intention was to build the restaurant as a replica of a traditional colonial house in Lima, adding to the ambiance and feeling of a family dining at home.

Our greatest wish is to share, with everyone who walks through our doors, a little piece of our beloved Perú.

The culinary story of Peru is a remarkable fusion of cultures and flavors, much like the culinary revolution which has been taking place here in the US over the last few decades.  Today, modern American cuisine is influenced by every culture from Nepalese to Italian.  Every culture which has immigrated, has contributed to some extent to what is known today as Modern American Cuisine.  In Peru, the story is similar…but over 500 years in the making.  Every culture that immigrated brought their crops which had little trouble adapting in Peruvian soil due to the diverse microclimates of the country…every root found a home.  Here is a brief summary of the most important culinary contributions:

The Incas and The potato -The Inca Empire developed an elaborate irrigation system which allowed them to domesticate thousands of grains, tubers and peppers which quickly became their staple.  The most important contribution by the Incas to the world…The Potato.  The potato is native to the Andes and the Incas cultivated more than 1000 different types.  They also used Quinoa, Amaranth and hundreds of different peppers which today are the DNA of Peruvian cuisine

The Spanish and their rice -With the arrival of Francisco Pizarro in 1532, along came thousands of European crops and products: Wheat, garlic, olives, oils, cattle and dairy products…  Just as Pizarro “discovered” and introduced the potato to the rest of the world, it was also he who brought the first grains of rice to Peruvian shores.  Today, you will find only a handful of dishes that we do not accompany with a portion of garlic and olive oil scented white rice.

The Italians and their pasta -By the year 1860, there were over 25,000 non Spanish Europeans living in Lima, 90% of them Italian.  This may not sound like much by today’s standards, but in that particular year, it made up more than 35% of a total population a little over than 92,000.  The Italians, as they do wherever they go, contributed a great deal not only in the form of products like pastas, breads and sauces, but they also revolutionized our cooking approach: Pastes.  The Italian immigrants transformed our peppers, which we used either fresh or dry into pastes. Today, there isn’t a single Peruvian stew or soup that does not use as a base, Aji paste of some kind.  The essentials are Aji Panca paste, Aji Amarillo paste and Aji Mirasol paste…without those, La Canela would probably not exist.

The Chinese, soy sauce and ginger -The importance of the Chinese immigration, which started in 1849, can be seen and tasted in most of our dishes.  The Chinese are probably the most important contributors to what is today known as Peruvian cuisine.  They brought a whole new universe of flavors and aromas, as well as cooking techniques which quickly merged and fused with our native spices and products giving birth to the “Chifa”.  Chifa is the result of a marriage between Peruvian and Chinese cuisine and it is cooked at home as well as in restaurants all over Peru.  It is by far the most popular strain of Peruvian cooking

The Japanese and their Sashimi -In 1899, with the beginning of the Japanese immigration Perú was introduced to the world of raw cuisine.  Even though the Incas did consume raw fish cooked in fermented maize juice, there is no doubt that our Ceviches and Tiraditos, which are two of our flagship dishes, would not exist had it not been for Japanese influence and elegance.

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Menú de Almuerzo (Lunch Menu)

*Please select one Lunch Appetizer and one Lunch Main Course   15

Lunch Appetizers

Ensalada de Rucula  Arugula, Belgian endive and radish salad tossed in a creamy Peruvian vinaigrette

Papita rellena  Meat picadillo filled mini potato croquette, rocoto emulsion, sarsa criolla

Yuquita rellena  Crab meat filled mini yucca croquette, rocoto emulsion, sarsa criolla

Chicharron  Tender pork ribs fried to a golden crisp, fried yucca, sarsa criolla

Ensalada de Quinoa  Quinoa salad with chopped parsley, tomatoes, crumbled feta tossed in a Peruvian vinaigrette

Crema de zapallo  Cream of butternut squash with house made croutons

Mini Ceviche  Traditional Ceviche but in mini form, toasted Andean corn, sweat potato

Lunch Main course

Tallarines rojos  Fresh linguini tossed with Peruvian style red meat sauce

Pollo Saltado  Boneless breast tips sautéed with red onion, tomato, wedges and tossed with hand cut fries, white jasmine rice

Arroz Tapado  Meat picadillo “sandwiched” between two layers of rice, aji Amarillo emulsion

Lechugas Variadas  Mixed field greens tossed in your choice of honey mustard or Peruvian vinaigrette, bacon, hard boiled egg, mini heirloom tomatoes, croutons

Trucha Frita  Pan fried trout filet, golden potatoes, jasmine rice, sarsa criolla

18% gratuity will be added for parties of 5 or more
20% gratuity will be added for parties of 10 or more

First Course Selections

Papa a la huancaína,  huevo duro, aceituna botija, choclito desgranado 9
Steamed potatoes in huancaína sauce  hardboiled egg, Peruvian olives, andean corn kernels

Yuquitas rellenas de cangrejo  tipo jumbo lump, sarza criolla, emulsión de rocoto 11
Jumbo lump crabmeat filled yuca croquettes  sarza criolla, rocoto emulsion

Chicharrón de calamar  tal cual lo sirven en las arenas de El Silencio en verano, bastones de yuca, crema tártara 11
Fried calamari  made just like in Peru's southern beaches, yuca logs, Peruvian tar-tar sauce

Chicharrones de costilla de cerdo  crocantes y con sabor a Chincha, bastones de yuca, sarsa criolla 9
Fresh pork ribs  cooked slowly to a golden crisp, yuca logs, sarsa criolla

Papitas rellenas  tradicionales, emulsión de rocoto, sarsita criolla 9
Peruvian picadillo filled potatoes  rocoto emulsion, sarsita criolla

Anticuchos de corazón  igual al de la anticuchera de la esquina, pero de mantel, papita dorada, choclito desgranado 9
Grilled Marinated beef hearts  Andean corn kernels, golden potato cubes ... The most popular Peruvian 'street food'

Palta rellena de cangrejo  sobre una cama de causa, salsa golf, guarniciones 13
Half an avocado filled with lump crabmeat  rocoto tomato emulsion, crumbled bacon, garnishes


Un ceviche mixto o de pescado  preparado y servido de la forma tradicional, picantito y fresco 16  /  15
Traditional Peruvian ceviche,  served in the traditional Peruvian way, seasonal fish or mixed with seafood

Ceviche en versión mini  media porción del normal para abrir el apetito 8
Fish ceviche in a reduced version  Traditional Peruvian seasonal

Tiradito de lenguado  servido a nuestra manera 13
Thinly sliced flounder tiradito  marinated in lime juice with creamy aji emulsions

Soups & Salads

Chupe de camarones  estilo arequipeño pero con unos toques modernos 13
Creamy shrimp soup  made with reduced shrimp broth, butternut squash, lima beans, poached egg, potatoes and just a touch of cream

Dieta de pollo  como el de la abuela con sus verduritas y fideos 8
Peruvian style chicken soup  with assorted vegetables and pasta

Lechugas variadas  con tomate, zanahoria, tocino, huevo duro y crutones de aceituna de botija, con emulsión de miel de abejas o vinagreta Peruana 10
Mixed greens  tossed with tomatoes, carrots, maple bacon, hard-boiled egg and croutons, choice of honey mustard or creamy Peruvian vinaigrette

Ensalada caesar  tradicional, todo hecho en casa 9
Traditional caesar salad  

Ensalada de tomate y palta  palmitos marinados, lechuga romaine y vinagreta Peruana 12
Tomato Avocado Salad  marinated hearts of palm, romaine Lettuce, creamy Peruvian vinaigrette

Main Course Selection

(We are not responsible for steaks ordered medium well or well done)

Arroz con pato  hecho como en Pimentel: color y sabor norteño, aromas a cerveza y culantro, salcita huancaína y de ocopa, zarza criolla 23
Mallard duck  leg cooked until tender and served with cilantro and beer scented jasmine rice, huancaína ali oli, sarsa criolla

Pollo saltado  con cebolla roja, tomate, cebollita china, arroz jazmín 17
Boneless breast tips sauteed in olive oil  with thick julienne onions, tomato wedges, hand cut fries, jasmine rice

Ají De Gallina  tradicional, papa sancochada, huevo duro y arroz jazmín 17
Shredded hen meat  cooked in aji amarillo and milk soaked bread sauce, steamed potato, jasmine rice

Canilla de cordero  estofada lentamente en una salsa de panca-cabernet, Morusa de pallares 29
10 hour Lamb shank  braised slowly in an aji panca-cabernet sauce until fork tender, butter bean puree, caramelized onions

Chuletón de ribeye  cocido a la parrilla y servido a lo pobre 30
Thick and juicy grilled rib eye steak  served with fried plantain, fried egg, hand cut garlic fries and garlic scented jasmine rice

Asado de Tira  cocido a baja temperatura y servido tal como un seco norteño, puré de frijoles canarios, arroz jazmín 19
Boneless Short ribs stewed  slowly in a cilantro based dark beer sauce, Canary bean puree, garlic scented jasmine rice

Lomo Saltado  pero de lomo fino, servido como usted desee: tradicional, con tacu tacu montado, o en forma de tallarin saltado 19  /  22  /  19
Beef tenderloin tips sauteed with julienne onions,  vinegar reduction sauce, served with your choice of hand cut fries, tacu tacu with a fried egg, or with fettuccini

Fettuccini al pesto  tradicional servido junto a su bistek apanado 20
Peruvian Style pesto fettuccini  served with a thin breaded sirloin steak,

Tacu tacu  servido a lo pobre pero con bistek apanado, sarsa criolla 22
Stewed canary beans mixed with rice and fried  in just a touch of olive oil, served with thin breaded sirloin steak, plantains sarsa criolla and a fried egg

Arroz con mariscos  tradicional con mariscos de todos los tamaños y colores 21
Fresh seafood of all colors and sizes  cooked with jasmine rice, wine and Peruvian spices served with sarza criolla

Lenguado entero  re-frito con salsa de ajo, papita dorada, sarza criolla, arroz jazmín blanco. Market Price
Whole one pound Flounder  pan fried and served whole, topped with a butter garlic sauce, fried potato slices, sarza criolla, Garlic scented jasmine rice upon request

Lomito de corvina  a la plancha y servido 'a lo macho' 25
Broiled corvina fillet  served with a traditional seafood sauce made with White wine and dried panca peppers

Trucha  entera de 8 oz, frita a la sartén tal cual la de un almuerzo dominical, yuca frita, salsita marinera 19
Whole 8oz rainbow trout  marinated in lime juice and just a hint of ginger, dusted with seasoned flour and pan fried to a golden crisp, reduction sauce

Our Sides

Frijoles canarios  estofados lentamente, los de siempre 5
Canary beans  Stewed Peruvian Style

Bastones de yucas fritas  servidas con salsa huancaína 7
Yucca  lincoln logs served with huancaína sauce

Arroz  jasmin con aromas a ajo y aceite de olive, nuestro arroz indispensable 4
Jasmine rice  Garlic and olive oil scented

Plátanos Maduros  fritos, servidos con crema ligera 6
Sweet fried plantains  served with a slightly sour cream

Papas fritas  cortadas a mano y con un ligero aroma a ajo 5
Garlic scented fries  Hand cut

Huancaína Sauce   2

18% gratuity will be added for parties of 5 or more
20% gratuity will be added for parties of 10 or more


Picarones  Picarones con miel de chancaca 8
Peruvian style doughnuts  made with sweet potato and squash, served with chancaca syrup

Crema Volteada de Queso  Como un Flan de queso, pero más cremoso, crunch de almendras, frambuesas 7
A marriage between a creme caramel and a cheesecake  fresh raspberries, almond crunch

Panna Cotta de Chirimoya  El clásico postre Italiano pero con sabor a chirimoya fresca, culis de frambuesa, moras frescas 7
Fresh Cherimoya flavored Panna Cotta  raspberry coulis, fresh berries

Torta Tres Leches  Nuestra versión del famoso postre latino pero semi Peruanizado 7
Our version of the famous tres leches cake  creme anglaise, raspberry coulis

Creme Bruleé de Quinua  Creme bruleé con sabor a dulce de quinua y azúcar quemada encima 7
Quinua and Cinnamon infused creme brulee  with taste of sweet of quinoa and sugar burned up

18% gratuity will be added for parties of 5 or more
20% gratuity will be added for parties of 10 or more

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Wine By The Glass

Red Wines

Woodbridge Robert Mondavi, California (Cabernet Sauvignon)   7

Borgo Merlot Terre Di Chieti - Abruzzi, Italy (Merlot)   7

Capriforno Chianti - Tuscany, Italy (Chianti)   8

Siete Fincas - Mendoza, Argentina (Malbec)   9

Don Ramon Campo de Borja - Aragon, Spain (Tempranillo)   9

Hinman Vineyards, Oregon (Pinot Noir)   9

Stephen Vincent, California (Cabernet Sauvignon)   9

Terrazas Reserva - Mendoza, Argentina (Malbec)   12

Comus - Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland (Bordeaux)   12

King State - Oregon (Pinot noir)   14

White Wines

Borgo - Abruzzi, Italy (Pinot Grigio)   7

Woodbridge - Robert Mondavi, California (Sauvignon Blanc)   7

Mouton Cadet - Bordeaux, France (Rose)   7

Borgo - Abruzzi, Italy (Chardonay)   7

Navarro Correas - Mendoza, Argentina (Chardonay)   8

Nessa Rias Braixas, Spain (Albarino)   9

Starmont Merryvalle - Napa Valley, California (Sauvignon Blanc)   12

Santa Margherita - Valdadige, Italy (Pinot Grigio)   14

Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Stephen Vincent, California  This cabernet has a wonderful deep ruby color and an amazing nose of plums and blackberries. The palate is full of dark fruits, soft tannins and a touch of toasty oak 30

Bogle Vineyards - Sonoma, California  Irresistible vanilla and intriguing black cherry lay way to the rich. Wisps of tobacco smoke linger on the palate, reminiscent of grandfather's old pipe. Ample tannins and an enduring finish 36

Famiglia Bianchi - Mendoza, Argentina  Meaty, herbal aromas are a bit rooty and mossy but with time they offer up berry fruit and spice. The palate is full and plump, and also a little hard and tannic. Spicy and with good feel to the finish. 40

Catena - Mendoza, Argentina  Medium-bodied and elegant, it has intense red and black fruit flavors, good integration of oak, tannin, and acidity, excellent depth, and a lengthy, fruit-filled finish 40

Merryvalle Starmont - Napa Valley, California  One sniff and you know you're drinking a classic Cab! Black cherry, cassis, mocha and baking spices delight the nose and carry on as flavors in the seductively smooth mouth. 70


Navarro Correas Coleccion Privada - Mendoza, Argentina  Cherry fruit on nose with hint of oak. Palate is bright cherry notes, sweet'ish, and finish is medium length with light vanilla/oak as well. 28

alamos - Mendoza, Argentina  Clean and smooth with vanilla difining the nose. The plum and berry fruit is ripe and forward, while the finish is just to asfy enough 29

Siete Fincas - Mendoza, Argentina  This plush Malbec presents welcoming aromas of crushed boysenberry, hickory and fresh gardenias. Medium bodied and smooth, layers of baked plum meet rich chocolate on an expressive and spicy finish 30

Trapiche Broquel - Mendoza, Argentina  Nice aroma, although the intensity is slightly shy. Black cherry, blackberry, coffee and leather make up the bouquet. Rich, silky tannins give it a big mouth feel. It's a little bit spicy mid-palate and the finish is lingering and fruity. 35

Terrazas Reserva - Mendoza, Argentina  Racy notes of violet and graphite, are followed by mouthfuls of dry cherries and fresh berry fruit. The luscious mid-palate gives way to powdery tannins and a delicate herbal blend-infused finish that adds to complexity. 40

Catena - Mendoza, Argentina  Deep crimson-colored, it has an attractive perfume of cedar, pencil lead, mineral, and black cherry. Medium-bodied, it has a silky texture, serious depth and, well-concealed tannin, and a pure finish. 50


Don Ramon Campo de Borja - Aragon, Spain  Ruby dark garnet in color, with an effusive creamy cherry and flavors that turn more towards deeper, darker black cherry and raspberry on medium bodied framework. A subtle earthiness underneath the bright fruit adds some depth and complexity. 30

Sancho Baron - Rioja, Spain  Pure tempranillo with a vivacious, pure bouquet with blueberry and strawberry wrapped up in vanilla oak. Full bodied with soft tannins, and a round creamy, velvety texture, this beauty is packed with juicy blackberry and dark plum flavors and a luscious irresistible finish. 38

Marqués de Riscal - Rioja, Spain  A dark cherry color with good depth. Balsamic aromas with hints of ripe fruit, complex and spicy, fresh and light, with soft, rounded tannins. Its passage through the mouth is pleasant and elegant, fresh and easy to drink. 60

Pinot Noir

Mirassou - Modesto, California  Displays fresh fruit flavors of pomegranates, cherries and currants with complementing aromas of strawberries, pomegranates and cherries. 28

Hinman Vineyards, Oregon  Classic Burgundy style Pinot Noir. Aromas and flavors of cherry, plum, clove, truffle and toasty oak are followed by a soft, silky texture. 38

King State - Oregon  Rich ruby color with deep, fragrant aromas of black cherry, beet root, cinnamon, oak, plum, and strawberry. A complex, elegant, and balanced wine with round tannins and mellow acidity. 60

Other Reds

Capriforno Chianti Colli Senesi-- Tuscany, Italy (Chianti)  Fresh, fruity, and harmonious palate, with a vivacious and intense bouquet. Its perfume is characterized by hints of mature black and red berry fruits. Light and friendly with a very intense ruby red color. 24

Borgo Merlot Terre Di Chieti - Abruzzi, Italy (merlot)  Vibrant dark red color and fragrant intense bouquet with fruity, blackberry and clove aromas. Soft and velvety taste which develops into a smooth finish. 24

Leila Garnacha - Carinena, Spain (Garnacha)  Produced entirely from Garnacha grapes, it shows a cherry red color with lively cherry and berry aromas. The palate has an energetic feel, and the berry and cherry flavors come with aftertastes of molasses and baked sweetness. 24

100 Marias tinto-- alentejo, Portugal (Aragonez / Trincadeira)  This spicy red has some port like flavors, yet it is dry and refreshing. 28

Luna Beberide, Bierzo - Leon, Spain (Mencia)  Red cherry and mineral fragances rise out of the glass. What follows is a stylish medium-bodied with a perfectly balance of well integrated silky tannis, bright zesty acidity and a mouthful of richly spicy red and black fruit accented by notes of licorice and graphite. 34

Xabec - Montsant, Spain (Carinena & Garnacha)  Opaque purple-colored, with aromas of pain grille, mineral, lavender, black cherry, black plum, and licorice. This is a complex, concentrated, savory, ripe, and succulent Montsant. 40

Comus - Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland (Red Blend )  Elegant and shy in nose with cherry, spice and minerals, this is a Bordeaux blend with a bright ruby color.Medium bodied, this wine is well balanced with flavors of plum, red currant, mineral, and hints of walnut That combine harmoniously with medium toasted French oak. It finished sharp with suggestion of blackpepper and clove. 40

White Wines


Borgo - Abruzzi, Italy  Straw-yellow color, it exhibits delicate and pleasantly fruity, citrus aromas. This is a tasty and fragant chardonnay. 24

alamos - Mendoza, Argentina  Fairly tropical, with pineapple, apple and melon flavors, along with the grapefruit on the finish. The acidity is pretty crisp and the finish is a little quick. 26

Navarro Correas Coleccion Privada - Mendoza, Argentina  Yellow golden color, with aromas of green apples and linden flowers, the flavor is fruity with tones of peaches and apricots. Sumptuous texture with a fresh finish. 28

Stephen Vincent, California  Showing refreshing tropical aromas and flavors of pineapple fruit, melon, hints of rosemary and basil, with a nice, round finish that is not overly buttery. The fruit shines and is very expressive. 28

Catena - Mendoza, Argentina  Tropical fruit flavors with touches of apple and pear as well as hints of cinnamon and minerals. The mouthfeel is full yet clean, with fresh, crisp acidity. 42

Sauvignon Blanc

Monkey Bay - Marlborough, New Zealand  Tropical fruit-driven aromas of pineapple and gooseberry complemented by hints of pink grapefruit and capsicum. 24

Allan Scott - Marlborough, New Zealand  A little less peppery than many other NZSBs, and distinctly less sweet, this wine is a little more towards a touraine style- crisp apple and celery notes and long dry finish. 32

Starmont Merryvalle - Napa Valley, California  Pungent aromas of Meyer lemon, key lime leaf, grapefruit, guava, passion fruit and a hint of herbaceousness all jump out of the glass. The round and honeyed mid-palate, along with the refreshing acidity provides for a rich yet balanced mouthfeel and a surprisingly long finish. 38

Pinot Grigio

Borgo - Abruzzi, Italy  Soft, straw-yellow color with greenish shades with delicate and lightly fruity white peach and pineapple aromas. The taste is dry, fresh. Elegant, and harmonic. 24

Cantina Gabriele - Venezie, Italy (Kosher)  Aromatic with tropical fruit flavors on the palate with good balancing acidity and a long pleasant finish. 34

Santa Margherita - Valdadige, Italy  The aroma has a clean, crisp fragrance with intense yet elegant hints of quince. While the taste is fresh, harmonious fruit set off by slight sweetness with a long finish full of delicate, tangy flavor. 60


Nessa - Rias Braixas, Spain  Pungent, pure aromas of honeydew, quinine, ginger and mint. Offers good density and richness but also lively cut, with complex flavors of melon, citrus fruits and exotic bitter quinine. Finishes long, spicy and vibrant. 32

Martin Codax - Rias Braixas, Spain  This elegant, complex wine exudes fresh aromas with decadent flavors of sweet dark cherry integrated with nuances of vanillin oak. 35

Alvinte - Rias Braixas, Spain  Clear, brilliant wine, with an elegant lemon-yellow color. An intense aroma on the nose reminiscent of green apple and pineapple. Glyceric finish, lingering on the palate, with a perfect acidity harmonizing with its body, making this a very pleasant wine full of sensations. 42

Sparkling and Rose

Mouton Cadet Rose -- Bordeaux, France  Striking reddish-pink in color, with a nose that is refined with fresh notes of red currant and raspberry. Sensual and easy to drink, ripe red berry flavors strike an excellent balance with a fresh and crisp finish. 24

Gasparini-Venegazzu NV Prosecco Brut, Italy  Made in the Northern Veneto area, it is a light refreshing, bubbly wine with citrus flavors and an almond-like bitterness on the finish, characteristic of the grape variety. 30

Korbel Brut  This is crisp and loaded with spice, offering creamy apple, citrus and anise flavors that are balanced, with a vibrant finish. 30

Seguras Viudas Reserva Brut, Spain  Simple, nice and not trying too hard; this basic brut is graced with nice apple and citrus aromas. The palate is wet, juicy and classic, with crisp apple, green herb and melon flavors. Round, clean and just crisp enough. 55

Sherry / Vino de Jerez

Savory & James, Fino - Jerez de la Frontera, Spain   4  /  25

Tio Pepe, Fino - Jerez de la Frontera, Spain   6  /  42

Dessert Wines

BV - Muscat de Beaulieu (375ml)   4  /  16

Hogue Late Harvest Riesling   6  /  24

Warres Optima 10 yrs Port (500ml)   12  /  60

Imported Beer

'Beer makes a thirst worthwhile' - German Proverb

Cristal (Lima, Perú)  Crisp pale lager from Lima, our capital city. Hints of sweet European malt (12oz bottle) 6

Cuzqueña  (Cuzco, Perú) - Gold medal winner in Belgium's Monde Selection 4 years in a row. Pilsner type pale lager ... just a small taste of the Andes (12oz bottle) 6

Ambar Especial  (Zaragoza, Spain) - Premium Spanish Lager brewed with half- roasted malts which gives it a unique bitterness in harmony with its body (11.2 oz bottle) 6

Stella Artois  (Louven, Belgium)- Light yellow Pale lager with a sweet malty note (11.2oz bottle) 6

Amstel Light  (Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands)
One of the most popular light pale Lagers from Europe (12oz bottle)

Pilsner Urquell  (Plzen, Czech Republic)-- The world's first Pilsner. Its unparalleled exceptionality is guaranteed by the same recipe dating from 1842 (12oz bottle) 6.5

Unibroue La Fin du Monde Triple Golden Ale  (Quebec, Canada)-- 'The excellence of a triple fermentation through a blend of special yeasts gives this malt beverage an exquisitely robust flavor of exceptional refinement.' (12oz bottle) 8

Schneider and Brooklyner Hopfen-Weisse  (Kelheim, Germany) - Weizen Bock, Cloudy wheat beer from Bavaria (16.9oz bottle) 10

Domestic Beer

'It is possible to judge good beer with a single sip ... But it's much better to be thoroughly sure'- Czech Proverb

Sam Adams Boston Lager  ( Boston, MA) - Full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex. Possibly the most popular lager in the east coast (12oz bottle) 6

Sierra Nevada Stout  ( Paso Robles, CA) - Rich, coffee aroma with a little bit of underlying sweetness in the malt, hints of chocolate, jet black and creamy (12oz bottle) 6

Dogfish Head 60 min IPA  (Milton, DE) - Dogfish Head's flagship ale. Citrus, cedar, pine & candied-orange flavors, very floral, pairs great with spicy food ... Like ours! (12oz bottle) 6

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale  (Paso Robles, CA) - Classic American Pale Ale: Deep amber color, exceptionally full-bodied and complex character (12oz bottle) 6

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon Hop3  (Baltimore, MD) - Heavy Seas flagship beer, 'Loose Cannon wins people over at first smell'. the chef's mom favorite beer. (12oz bottle) 6

Flying Dog 20th Anniversary Belgian IPA - RB  (Frederick, MD)-- 'Jumps out of the glass and nips at your taste buds with its delicate hop bitterness'. (12oz bottle) 6

Flying Dog The Truth Imperial IPA  (Frederick, MD) - A hop bomb, Its sharp hop bitterness begins with huge pine notes on the nose, which evolve into bright citrus and subtle stone fruit flavors. It’s refreshing 6

Stateside Saison  (Baltimore, MD) Stillwater Artisanal farmhouse ale, 'This is a beer of unique design and exquisite taste'. (12oz bottle) 7

Lagunitas A Little Sumpin' Ale  (Petaluma, CA) American Pale Wheat Ale, 'a truly unique style featuring hop finish on a silky body'. (330ml bottle) 8

Pisco and Piscotines

Pisco is the Peruvian equivalent of Spanish brandy. It is made from grapes and aged in closed clay containers before being bottled. Peruvian Pisco is extremely high quality and is among the elite spirits of the world. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

LA CANELA  Parecido a un coctel de alagarrobina pero diferente. 11
   A recipe my grandmother gave me for the restaurant.

PISCO SOUR 'JOHNNY SCHULER'  Un pisco sour dedicado al famoso catador y connoisseur de pisco. Es decir ... Un pisco sour como todos conocemos solo que un poquito mejor 10
  Our version of the famous Peruvian national drink dedicated to the most famous pisco drinker of them all.

MARACUSOUR  Un pisco sour tal cual solo que con sabor a maracuyá fresco 10
  Pisco sour minus the lime, plus maracuyá or as it is more commonly known ... Passion fruit.

COCTEL DE ALGARROBINA  El mismo que tomábamos en las reuniones familiares. Dulce pero no empalagoso, ligeramente amargo con un definido sabor a atardecer limeño 11
  The second most popular and tradicional pisco drink in Peru. Algarrobina syrup, pisco, cream and finished with a dusting of cinnamon.

EL MOJADITO  Una copia del famoso mojito Cubano solo que sin ron y con pisco. Pisco, menta, azúcar y hielo. Sorprendentemente refrescante 9
  An exact replica of the Cuban classic with the exception that we exchanged the rum for pisco (as we usually do). The result is excellent.

EL TUMBACHOLAS  Este es un trago inventado por Hans Hilberg, barman del equipo de Astrid y Gaston. Una rica mezcla de uva, limón y pisco. Cuidado que el nombre lo dice todo 10
  A sweet piscotini made with a mixture of grape juice, lime juice and pisco. Be careful! It can be very deceiving.

APPLE PISCOTINI  Esta vez nos copiamos del martini de manzana Americano e hicimos un intercambio del vodka por el pisco. Un piscotini con sabor a manzana 9
  An apple piscotini! Instead of vodka we used ... You guessed it! Pisco.

CHILCANO DE PISCO  Este es un súper simple; Canada dry, pisco, un toque de limón y hielo. Riquísimo 9
  A simple but delicious mix; Canada dry ginger ale, pisco, a splash of lime and ice. A classic.

EL CHOLOPOLITAN  Como el famoso Cosmopolitan solo que con los pequeños cambios de siempre. A ver si al probar adivinan cual es 9
  A Peruvian Cosmopolitan: Pisco instead of vodka, and passion fruit juice instead of lime. The result is amazing

PERU LIBRE  Pisco, Coca Cola, limón y hielo. así de simple, así de rico 9
  Pisco, Coke, lime and ice. Not a Cuba libre but a Peru libre.

PISCO PUNCH  Esta es la mezcla de pina con pisco y limón. así uno quisiera que salga mal, con esa combinación sería casi imposible 9
  This, as we understand it, was a very popular drink in San Francisco during the late 19th / early 2oth century. Pineapple, pisco and a splash of lime juice.

Pisco Puro

(Pisco Sipping)

PISCO PICASSO ITALIA  Se trata de un Pisco excepcional y aromático que ha pasado 48 meses en reposo, permitiendo lograr el sabor y aroma propio de la uva Italia. 8
  This is an exceptional and aromatic Pisco that has rested 48 months, achieving the typical bouquet and taste of the Italia grape.

PISCO PICASSO MOSTO VERDE ACHOLADO  Este Pisco es el producto de la destilación de tres variedades de “uvas pisqueras”: Quebranta, Italia y Torontel. Terminada la destilación, reposa 36 meses obteniéndose aroma, cuerpo y sabor. 8
  This Pisco is the product of the distillation of 3 varieties of “pisco grapes”: Quebranta, Italia, and Torontel. Once the distillation is complete, it rests for 36 months to achive bouquet, body, and taste.


In the late 1550s, the Spanish began to plant and harvest export quality grapes selected to produce wine with, while those that did not measure up were discarded or given to the farmers to do with as they pleased. It is in this context that small groups began to use these grapes to distill a brandy-like liquor from the discarded grapes, using similar techniques to those used in Spain for the production of Orujo.

The black grape taken to the Viceroyalty of Peru by the Spanish suffered due to its adaptation to soil and weather conditions, eventually stabilizing in a new variety named "Quebranta", purportedly named because the original grape was "broken" (Spanish quebrar), or tamed, for its new environment. Almost all early pisco was believed to be produced from this variety of grape. Others used any grape available at the time, however, since only the largest vineyards (and those with dedicated pisco distilleries) were able to produce exportable volume. This claim however cannot be verified, it is logical to assume that all available grapes grown in the Iberian peninsula were brought to the new world.

In 1613, a will of a resident of the of Ica —a town called Pisco in Viceroyalty of Peru, close to the Nazca lines - named by Pedro Manuel the Greek. In it he itemizes his worldly goods, including 30 containers of grape brandy, one barrel of the same spirit, a large copper pot and all of the utensils needed to produce pisco.[4] The historic alcoholic drink first officly documented during 1613 in Peru.

In 1641, wine imports from the Viceroyalty of Peru into Spain were banned in order to eliminate competition for any locally produced grape products, severely damaging the wine production in the colony that could be exported outside of the Americas. Local production of both wine and pisco continued for local consumption and export to other colonies.

The drink began to acquire consumers in the sailors that transported products between the colonies and Spain as well as sailors of other nationalities, who began to call it pisco, naming it after the port[3] where it was thought to originate from. The drink then became a favorite of sailors and workers who visited the port of Pisco as well as other Peruvian ports. It was exalted for its strong taste and ability to quickly affect the consumer. As trade from Peru to the world grew, so did the popularity of pisco, until it almost equaled wine in quantity as an export.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, pisco was a mainstay on ocean-crossing vessels, drunk mostly by sailors, as officers usually drank whisky or other "finer" spirits. The main reasons for its heyday were the low price and high availability. This position was maintained by pisco until the onset of rum, which won over consumers with lower prices and a softer flavor.

Pisco was also very popular in San Francisco and nearby areas of California during the Gold Rush in the late nineteenth century and into the early twentieth century.[5]

According to legal documents recently found in the U.S. National Archives of San Francisco, California, it has been proven that at least until 1864, Pisco was considered a liquor native only to the Republic of Peru.[6]

Main Floor

Peruvian Flavors Infuse Rockville

By Tom Sietsema - 01/30/2008

To prevent cilantro from turning black, the herb should be added to a hot dish just before serving. And if you want your rice to remain white after the addition of oil and garlic, spritz some lime juice into the mix.

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A Gem Among the Chains

By Tom Sietsema - Sunday, May 4, 2008

La Canela comes with a long list of dishes that will make you wonder why there aren't more Peruvian purveyors on the scene and with an interior that suggests you're eating in Lima rather than a Washington suburb...   

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La Canela is a special restaurant for Rockvile Town Center

By Bob Midland - 07/01/2008

... while La Flor de La Canela is a very casual restaurant, La Canela has a more upscale appearance (Spanish Colonial Architecture) and vibe. However, the food is just as fabulous...

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La Canela is a family-run venture, and it shows

By Tom Sietsema - 10/18/2009

Behind the heavy wooden doors await three dining rooms, regally furnished with gold-framed mirrors and leather-backed chairs, and a menu that puts Peruvian cooking on a pedestal. The most decadent introduction is the crab-topped avocado half, draped with a creamy emulsion of red peppers and supported by a plateau of mashed yellow tubers... Read more ....

2011 Fall Dining Guide

By Tom Sietsema - Sunday, October 16, 2011

The more I dine at La Canela, the more I want to go to Peru. No, that's not a couple of pisco sours talking. Few other places in the world treat the potato with such affection. If my job didn't require me to eat the breadth of the leather-bound menu, I'd be content to make a meal of spuds, and I'd be sure to fit in steamed, sliced potatoes draped in zippy yellow cheese sauce, as well as mashed potatoes wrapped around a core of ground beef,...Read more ....

it is a great find in Town Square

By Greg L - Gaithersburg, Maryland - 5/31/2013

This place is a little hidden around the corner from the central square of Rockville Town Center but it is a great find! Me and my wife went here and had a great dining experience. It is a little on the nicer side so it is great for a date. The yucca that came with the appetizer we got was...

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Garage Locations

Garage A
Entrances located off Maryland Avenue and 355.

Garage B
Entrance located off Maryland Avenue by American Tap Room.

Garage C
Entrances located off E. Middle Lane and North Washington Street. Two (2) hours Parking Validation by La Canela on Garage C lower level. Exit to Gibbs St through elevator located next to the parking payment machine. Bring the parking ticket to La Canela restaurant for validation.

Covered Flat Lot Parking/Garage C
Entrances located off E. Middle Lane and North Washington Street.
2 Hours MAX Free metered parking

Dawson’s Market Flat Lot
Entrances located off North Washington Street.
2 Hours MAX Free metered Parking (Dawson’s Market customer parking ONLY!)

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We can handle all of your needs, from weddings to cocktail parties to corporate receptions and events.

We work individually with each client through our menu and staff to satisfy any of your ideas.

We have provided our catering services for everything from small private intimate dinners to full scale weddings receptions, from office breakfasts and lunches to large corporate cocktails parties, although we're a professional catering company, we also ensure that every event we cater has an element of surprise. Because when it comes down to it, what's good food without surprise? And that right there is another feature that sets La Canela Catering apart from other catering services.

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